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Speaking Like a "Pro"

Is your new position demanding more public speaking of you?
Do you dream of being a professional public speaker?
or…Do you just want to make a better impression when you speak?

At Communication Excellence Institute, we have developed a strength-centered one-on-one consulting method to help professionals gain additional fluency and confidence in front of any size audience: our Presentation Coaching Program™. In this personalized program, you'll learn how to present an idea, promote your business, motivate an audience, or advance a cause with compelling clarity and passion. In three 3-hour confidential sessions with Drs. Janet and Neal Larsen Palmer, the founders of CEI, award-winning experts in presentation skills, and active public speakers themselves, you will learn how to:

  • Identify your personal speaking strengths as measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™.
  • Build on your natural strengths to meet the public speaking challenges you face in your professional life.
  • Overcome stage fright and redirect your energy for even greater impact on your audience.
  • Organize your ideas in the most persuasive way.
  • Build your personal credibility through the skillful use of body language.
  • Expand the power of your vocal presence.
  • "Read" an audience and make mid-course corrections.
  • Use audio-visual materials for maximum impact.
  • Handle question-and-answer sessions deftly.
  • See yourself, through videotaping, as your audiences see you.

CEI's Presentation Coaching Program™ is based on solid research in public speaking theory and practice, and involves you in an interactive "hands-on" learning experience. No seminar can achieve the results as quickly and effectively as this highly focused approach, where the spotlight is totally on you in a supportive atmosphere. And for ongoing support of your presentation skill building, you will receive access via email and phone to the Palmers for three months for critiques of your speeches in advance and reviews of your videotapes of them.

Professionals who have gone through this program comment that their public speaking skills markedly improved, significantly enhancing their impact on co-workers, superiors, and customers in meetings and presentations. Some have also gone on to become successful in the lucrative world of professional public speaking.

The fee for CEI's Presentation Coaching Program™, with Dr. Janet and Neal Larsen Palmer as your personal speech coaches, is $2,950, which includes three months of presentation support by phone and email following completion of your Presentation Coaching Program™. During this time, the Palmers can review and critique videotapes of your speeches, edit your handout materials, and offer advice on your speech design. Additional coaching and consulting is $350 per hour. For more information on this program, please call the Institute at (800) 410-4CEI (4234) or e-mail us at

What do our clients say about CEI's Presentation Coaching Program™?

I want you to know how impressed I was with your program and how beneficial your sessions have been to me. What seemed at the time like little corrections in my public speaking and presentations really made a noticeable difference.

Thanks again—I plan to recommend your program and services and will continue to work on what I learned from our sessions.

City Mayor
East San Gabriel Valley Community in California


The skills I learned at CEI have served me well on many occasions. Most particularly your advice was very beneficial during two major presentations to the Board of Trustees and Senior Managers at recent offsite retreats. Neal’s technique of telling a story worked wonderfully with both groups.

In the meantime, thank you again for your excellent lessons and advice. Thanks to our time together I am a much better communicator and effective leader.

Executive Vice President
Private University in New York


I would like to thank you for the assistance you have recently given me with my presentation and interpersonal skills in your Presentation Coaching Program.

Your professional and broad approach has greatly improved my effectiveness and ease in creating the best first impression with solid follow-through.

Your personal teamwork and combined styles create a unique approach to bringing the many facets of “people skills” to bear on day-to-day situations. You both demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the theoretical and practical methods for enhancing a person’s performance.

Senior Manager
National Technology Manufacturing Company

P.S. No stage fright anymore!


I know that both of you will be as pleased as I am with feedback from a series of presentations made by the "new and improved" me this past week…I carry my R.S.V.P. card in my shirt pocket. I'm involving my arms (from the shoulder) deliberately, with already noticeably more comfort and a feeling that it will become natural. And, I am consciously editing what might otherwise emerge from the mouth! Once again, thank you for inspiring and enabling this transformation!

Large State University

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