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— Knowing Who You're Hiring Before It's Too Late

Recruiting and hiring today are much too costly to do wrong! Yet many organizations continue to rely on outdated methods and "gut" feelings about candidates for high-level positions. They depend on resumes, interviews, and references alone, not having the ability to "read people between their lines." And most of all, they have no means of measuring four factors critical to any employee's success:

  • Their people skills
  • Their management ability
  • Their team-building attitudes
  • Their communication skills

At Communication Excellence Institute, we offer a multi-phased approach to recruiting and hiring, a blend of human and diagnostic approaches that increases the chances of making a good hire. Through CEI's pre-employment testing and interviewing, you will gain a greater perspective on your candidates' capability of working effectively within your organizational culture, in advance.

CEI's professionals in management and communication bring many years of proven experience in communication analysis to the evaluation process. We are nonverbal experts, customer service specialists, content and rhetorical analysts, skilled test interpreters, and highly professional interviewers. You will not find more professional "partners" with you in the hiring process than the CEI experts.

CEI's Pre-Employment Testing & Interviewing consists of the following components:

1. Pre-employment testing to:

  • Evaluate the candidates' overall communication, work, and management styles.
  • Identify "people skills" and interpersonal communication ability.
  • Gauge the potential employees' ability to handle conflict.
  • Determine the candidates' ability to lead and influence others.
  • Establish the prospective employees' general intelligence levels.
  • Find out the degree to which the candidates will be proactive rather than reactive in work situations and projects.
  • Assess, if appropriate, the candidates' skills in business writing and speaking.
  • Measure other cognitive skills (such as knowledge of finance or ability to prioritize).

2. In-depth interviews by communication and employment specialists to:

  • Assess the candidates' ability to communicate.
  • Know the degree to which the applicants are "customer-focused."
  • Determine how they will respond in difficult situations through role-played scenarios.
  • Discover any incongruities between their portrayal of self and their employment documents.

3. Presentation of a final oral summary report to:

  • Interpret each candidate's results on all the instruments and tests.
  • Review the interviews held to illustrate the applicants' likely actions "in-the-trenches."
  • Describe the likely level of "fit" of each of the candidates within your organization.

During the entire process, CEI professionals are at your disposal to ask the questions you want asked and probe for the plusses and minuses that will have such a powerful impact on the candidates' probability of success.

The fee for CEI’s Pre-Employment Testing & Interviewing is $1,995 per candidate. The cost of the instruments is included in this fee. The interviews, consisting of a battery of up to five custom-selected tests and instruments, as well as role-plays and a writing sample, typically take two and one-half hours per candidate. Debriefing with the client regarding all the candidates tested usually takes one hour. If additional services are needed, such as an In-Box Exercise or a Facilitated Group Discussion, we will be happy to provide you a separate cost quote. We conduct all interviewing and testing at your site.

For more information on CEI's Pre-Employment Testing & Interviewing or to set up a free consultation, please call the Institute at (800) 410-4CEI (4234) or e-mail us at

Don't take a chance on a bad hire.  The cost is just too high.


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