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Fee Schedule for CEI Services
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One-On-One Executive Consulting

Executive Communication Program™ (three 3-hour sessions) $2,950
Presentation Coaching Program™ (three 3-hour sessions) $2,950
Interview Coaching Program™ (three 3-hour sessions) $2,950
Candidacy Coaching Program™ (three 3-hour sessions)
Full-Day Executive Media Coaching (7 to 8 hours with one client) $2,950
Conflict Intervention, Mediation, Crisis Communication Intervention, and Media Consulting (Usually provided under emergency situations) $350 per hour
Presentation Coaching and Interview Coaching by the hour $350 per hour
Accent Modification for Communication Clarity $350 per hour
Witness Preparation/Legal Support $425 per hour
Team-Building and Management Retreats
Two-Day Team-Building Retreats with 360° Feedback
(up to 10 participants)
(additional participants over 10 @ $100 each per day.)


One to two-day Team-Building Retreats
(up to 10 participants)
(Additional participants over 10 @ $100 each per day.)
$3,950 per day*
360° Feedback (separate from Team-Building)
Partnering facilitation for the construction industry
(up to 20 participants)
(Additional participants over 20 @ $75 each per half day and $100 each per day.)
$3,500 per half day*
$5,000 per full day*
* plus the cost of any copyrighted instruments used
Seminars & Workshops
One-Day Seminars and Retreats
(Up to 20 participants)
(Additional participants over 20 @ $100 each.)
Full-Day Group Media Training Workshops
(7 to 8 hours, up to 5 participants)
* plus the cost of any copyrighted instruments used
Speakers' Bureau
Typical honorarium for Drs. Janet and Neal Larsen Palmer as keynote speakers: $3,500-$5,000
Organizational Consulting
Los Angeles area
Outside the Los Angeles area (per day, plus expenses)
$350 per hour
All CEI services are conducted by highly trained professionals in communication and management. The founders of CEI, Drs. Janet and Neal Larsen Palmer, are available as your consultants and trainers on special request.

Terms of Payment: Fees for all Institute programs are payable in full by time of delivery. Hourly fees for ongoing Institute consulting are billed weekly, unless other arrangements are made. Cancellation of services with less that 48 hours' notice may incur a 50% cancellation fee. Many CEI services are tax-deductible as educational expenses. Please check with the IRS and your accountant.

Please note: CEI never charges its clients for travel time to or from an assignment and does not charge for travel reimbursement within a 70-mile radius from San Dimas.


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