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With all your getting, get understanding.
— Proverbs 4:7

If you are a member of a faith-based organization—a church, synagogue, faith-oriented business, hospital, foundation, or other charitable group—you know that you provide unique spiritual and material services to diverse populations nationally and even internationally, but you have special needs and emphases not found in secular organizations. You do, however, face many of the same management and communication challenges that secular organizations also confront, such as…

  • How do you motivate employees?
  • How do you handle staff conflict?
  • How do you coach valuable employees to help them keep their calling?
  • How do you build effective management and staff teams? and…
  • How do you do all this while honoring your foundation in faith?

Your unique challenges may include:

  • Enabling pastors or congregation leaders to speak more compellingly.
  • Restoring morale in a workforce with conflicts over spiritual values.
  • Retaining spiritual values in mergers and acquisitions.
  • Healing hurting relationships between individuals and groups.

…and any other need that involves human compassion, effective management, and spiritual values.

Communication Excellence Institute, a communication training and consulting business, itself grounded in the vibrant Judeo-Christian tradition, has been assisting faith-based organizations for two decades as they deal with these and other pressing communication and management issues. Drs. Janet and Neal Larsen Palmer, as principals of CEI, have strongly followed the Lord’s calling to adapt the best of secular research in communication and management to the grand missions of faith-based organizations.

The services we offer fall into these categories:

Communication Seminars & Workshops

If you’ve ever witnessed the devastating impact on faith-based organizations of strident conflict among members or a demotivated workforce, you recognize how critical it is that members become adept at handling conflict and motivating employees. CEI is well known for presenting high-quality, informative, and dynamic seminars on a variety of communication and management topics that are enormously critical to the success of the mission of faith-based organizations. We present workshops on presentation style that can assist members of a group to “come out of their shells” and participate, pray, and testify more effectively. A powerful topic that faith-based organizations can especially benefit from is the role of nonverbal communication in building rapport with both believers and nonbelievers. We often focus on the power of “servant leadership” to enrich an organization’s service standards and empower employees.

Please click the link below to view the entire list of CEI seminars and workshops, with links to detailed information sheets: Seminars & Workshops

Individual Communication Coaching for Congregation and Lay Leaders

We’ve all grieved for a dedicated congregation leader struggling to deliver dynamic sermons and other presentations, but falling short. For leaders like this, a group approach may not be effective. Pastors and congregation leaders often need private coaching in public speaking skills to help them deliver sermons with greater impact. Some lay leaders and managers, who are valuable contributors to organizational goals, are sorely in need of better “people skills” and are reluctant to seek these out in public seminars. CEI has created short-term individualized coaching programs for just such people. In our “high-tech, high-touch” accelerated-pace era, our briefer programs fill the bill. In our experience, they have been nothing less than life-changing, enabling dedicated servants of God to share their empowering anointing and talents with others.

Please follow the link below to view detailed information sheets on CEI’s individual coaching programs: Executive Coaching

Speeches and Presentations

Drs. Janet and Neal Larsen Palmer, principals of CEI, are nationally recognized speakers on communication and management issues, and are available to present on a variety of practical topics of particular interest to members of faith-based organizations who desire to communicate better within their organizations as well as with people outside the organization’s walls. They have also had much experience presenting at special church events, linking Scripture with contemporary communication principles and practices.

Please click the link below to view information sheets on Jan and Neal Palmer’s speeches and to view a demo of them: Speeches

Team-Building & Team-Strengthening

All successful faith-based organizations, at their core, are team-based. Yet we’ve all seen the disempowering effect of non-team behaviors. At CEI, we’ve been building effective management teams for over 20 years in businesses, healthcare institutions, and universities. Some of our best work, though, has been in faith-based organizations, where we can combine our Judeo-Christian heritage with the latest research on team functioning. By employing 360° Feedback in our team-building, we have added a deep dimension of self-reflection to the process and led teams to high levels of effectiveness.

Please click the link below to view detailed information sheets on our Team-Building and Team-Strengthening: Team-Building & Team-Strengthening

Organizational Consulting

Sometimes you’ve probably faced situations for which there is no obvious cure. CEI is particularly well versed in handling complex communication and management challenges. When conflicts erupt in faith-based organizations, they are often particularly damaging, being fueled by high emotion and closely held values. CEI has had much experience dealing with this type of conflict and can bring about restoration and healing of critical relationships.

Please follow the link below to view detailed information sheets on CEI’s various organizational intervention services: Organizational Consulting

We are highly sensitive to organizations’ comfort levels regarding the amount and manner of integrating Scriptural principles and texts into our instructional and coaching material. We have in-depth knowledge of Old and New Testaments and are adept at striking just the right balance between Scriptural material and secular research.

CEI has truly been called to serve believers and believing organizations to become all God intended them to be. CEI’s historic flexibility has enabled us to offer programs geared to the unique needs of each individual and client organization. It has been our special calling and pleasure to deliver those services within a strong commitment to Judeo-Christian values.

For a complimentary and confidential consultation on how we might assist an individual or groups in your organization, please call the Institute at (800) 410-4CEI (4234) or e-mail us at

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