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One-On-One Testing and Coaching for College and University Administrators

As a professional in higher education, you realize that your career development depends heavily on your ability to communicate.

How is your administrative style working for you? Are you communicating your vision and directions? How do you make decisions? With data? Gut feelings? Or a little of both? Do your people skills match your technical expertise? Are you comfortable speaking to any size audience—from a one-on-one interview to a convention of 2,000?

Communication Excellence Institute is the only organization that offers consulting on human communication specifically within a higher education context.

CEI's Executive Communication Program™ gives you insight into your administrative and communication styles. You will learn about your leadership strengths and preferences and how to make the most of them. And it's all done one-on-one.

In three confidential 3-hour sessions with one of CEI's nationally recognized specialists in communication and higher education, you will:

  • Assess your administrative and communication styles through several respected testing instruments, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™, the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument™, and others. Apply the results of these tests to actual challenges and issues you face in your institution — from interpersonal communication, to motivation, to conflict resolution, to career planning and interviewing.
  • Build your personal credibility and charisma — at the conference table or behind the lectern - through intensive coaching on the impact of your verbal and nonverbal communication, using videotape.
    Increase your confidence and effectiveness in your present position and throughout your career.

In our three intensive sessions together, we get to know you as a person and as a professional — your talents, your challenges, and your goals. Together we design a program to help you meet the communication demands of your position and chart a course for your future.

Hundreds of higher education professionals have gone through this program and report that they have deepened their awareness of their personal style, improved their interactions with others on their teams, and increased their ability to communicate with impact. Many campuses have sent all their top administrators as part of their management development programs. The uniform profiling of each professional helps teams benchmark communication practices and initiate culture change.

The fee for the Executive Communication Program™ is $2,950, which includes the three intensive sessions and ongoing communication support. After you've completed the program, any advice we can give you by phone, fax, or email is free. For more information, please call the Institute at (800) 410-4CEI (4234) or e-mail us at

What do our clients say about CEI's Executive Communication Program™?

It has been nearly eighteen months since I sent my first Operations Trainer to you, and the results have been phenomenal. Your institute has been instrumental in launching the first organized training program for corporate and campus staff at the university.

Vice Presidents that have been with the company for years have commented that they have never seen more effective training conducted. Evaluations completed by seminar attendees have been glowing. You have given all three of our Trainers the tools they need to be successful, but the real measure of our effectiveness has been the significant decrease in the number of problems handled by our Customer Service Representatives.

Thank you for helping me and my Trainers convince the rest of the staff that training is the key to efficiency and profitability.

Director, Office of University Student Services
National for-profit institution


Let me take this opportunity to express my thanks and continued excitement about the Executive Communication Program. The manual still has a prominent place on my desk and I have had many occasions to review the materials.

I am enjoying my vice-chancellorship very much; it is a challenging, testing arena for all the skills I learned with you. There is no doubt in my mind that you are responsible for much of my success. I will recommend highly the course to my peers and colleagues and, of course, return for my fine-tuning and renewal in the future.

Many thanks for your fine colleagueship and very personal interest in my being the best person and professional I can be.

Vice Chancellor
A major midwestern university


I would like to share some of my thoughts about how the three days I spent with the two of you assisted me.

As I told you when I met with you, I have been going through my own personal growth experience. Both of you helped me along my way. The personal inventories that I did helped me focus on areas that still were causing me some difficulty. I remember particularly that I had a low score on competition on one of the tests. I really needed to come to grips with that aspect of my personality so that I could become more comfortable in my pursuit of a presidency/chancellorship. This helped me take a different kind of look at who I am and my personal style.

The various issues you addressed in your Executive Communication Program increased my level of knowledge and confidence as I thought through how I could present myself to the best advantage. I have highly recommended your services to others.

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
A state university in Pennsylvania


Having just completed a “post-graduate” course with CEI, I feel compelled to express my deep and heartfelt gratitude to you and Neal for, quite literally, transforming my life.

My week with you last September was the beginning of an unlocking of myself. While my initial objective in seeking to work with you was to improve my interpersonal and small group communication skills, I came away with a totally new view of myself and my relationship with other people. The key to this revelation clearly involved a high degree of readiness for change on my part and the successful techniques which are your trademark: creating a nurturing, supportive, totally pleasant environment both in and out of your offices; demonstrating your professional knowledge and expertise; drawing out the best within each person through suggestions, readings, and specific projects; and maintaining frequent contact after the session through your lifetime retainer.

Since our work together, I have set and achieved major personal and professional goals. I exhibit an unprecedented degree of inner peace and self-confidence. I laugh more easily, take myself less seriously, and accomplish more than ever before. Appropriate courses of action present themselves naturally to me, multiple creative solutions to problems arise seemingly effortlessly, and I am able to interact more fully and genuinely with everyone I encounter.

Chair, All-University Requirements
Private university in Alaska


It’s been a month since our sessions and I can assure you that I am consuming large quantities of space at the conference table and smiling “to beat the band!”

I truly enjoyed my time with you. It has had an immediate and dramatic impact on my communication skills and my leadership strategies.

Perhaps even more important is my deep reflection on career strategies since my return. Thank you for the wonderful advice in this area.

Vice President
Private university in New York


Thank you so much for all your help. You and your staff made my visit a very pleasant experience and I look forward to working with you in the future. This is really the most productive training I’ve ever attended!

Vice President for Business & Finance
Regional public university in Washington State


CEI’s advice and assistance proved invaluable. In addition to providing the opportunity for a promotion two levels above where I was working, CEI made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses. It was a professionally and personally rewarding experience.

A state university in California


It is hard to imagine the difference that three days can make – but the Executive Training Seminar over three days is life changing. Thank you for providing a window through which I could see new directions and options.

Assistant Dean/Assistant Director
Large private university in California


I want to thank you both for transforming me into the professional that I am today. Every technique you provided worked with flying colors during my recent seminars.

I learned a lot and had fun doing it! Nice change!!

Although my current professional success is partially attributable to your custom tailored Communication Excellence program, my personal life has also improved because of the time we spent together. Thank you both again, and best wishes for CEI’s continued success.

Operations Trainer, Admissions
National for-profit institution


I found the three days extremely valuable because you were both so positive and challenging. I think most of us are slightly intimidated by such an intensive program but you found my strengths, reinforced those strengths, and made the experience very interesting and worthwhile.

Jan, your seminar is extremely good and I would recommend it to anyone in administrative positions in higher education.

A state university in the midwest


As I have reflected upon the several days I spent working with you and with Neal, I cannot imagine an experience which has been more valuable in preparing me for the many situations in which I am called upon to represent the university in various speaking capacities. The one-on-one work that we did has helped me in both the technical aspects of public speaking as well as the more “psychological” areas of confidence and construction of the message.

Thank you for the tools and the great way you related to me. It was fun!

Vice President
Large private institution in Texas


What an enlightening experience! I suspect that working with you will be a turning point in my career – perhaps in my life. Thank you for sharing your expertise and observations with me.

Large state university in Virginia


It was a great learning experience, intensive but fun. Everything an administrator could want, insightful analysis, concrete feedback and invaluable suggestions for improvement from a pair of dynamic, supportive experts.

Vice President
A state university in the east


I want to thank you for your affirmation, for your marvelous professionalism, for introducing me to new tools and skills, for turning me loose in your wonderful library, and for your fun and sense of humor. Not only will I sing your praises wherever I go, but I will be sending two of my vice presidents to your Institute during the next few months.

In the meantime, continued success to you both in your excellent work. You genuinely have the gift for changing lives!

A state institution in New England


I would like to express my thanks to you and Neal for the experience of working with you to develop and hone my communication skills.

The time we had together was some of the most productive I have ever spent with any consultant. Your advice and counsel was pragmatic, down-to-earth, and readily useable. After each session, I knew exactly what skills had improved, how I would implement those skills, and, most importantly, how I would benefit by their use.

A chiropractic college in the west


What to say after four great days of working with you? You are both so very positive and sincerely supportive that the experience was actually very enjoyable and not the least bit threatening as I had anticipated.

Thanks again for your excellent advice, friendly support and hospitality. I enjoyed immensely getting to know you and I know I will reap the benefits of improved self awareness and improved communication skills for many years.

Large university in Canada


The time we spent was extremely beneficial to me, and I enjoyed getting to know you. I admire your talents enormously.

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Large state university in the South


THANK YOU both very much for the excellent experience you provided for me and for others as well.

I can hardly tell you how helpful your gentle, but persuasive sessions were for me. Not only do I think my speaking is better and has the potential for becoming even more effective, but also I am thinking differently about myself. That is the really crucial lesson I took away from the three sessions.

National association in higher education, Washington, D.C.


Dear Jan and Neal,

I wanted to let you know that I have accepted a new position in Texas as Senior Vice Chancellor. In this role I will be responsible for coordinating the day-to-day administrative operations of the college system, and for overseeing the internal operations of the Office of the Chancellor, specifically the system's workforce, human resources, information technology, general counsel and campus security planning. I will be a busy guy!

On a personal note I want to thank you for all your guidance, counseling and the professional development that you have provided me. I look to you with the utmost respect and admiration for the work you do.

Executive Vice President
Community college system in Nevada

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