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Customer Service Training Program
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Creating "Customer Delight"!

We all know how vital customer service quality is to an organization. But how is it achieved? After years of research and work with top organizations, a simple formula has emerged:

Skill + Attitude = Customer Service Excellence

Yet it is amazing how few customer service training programs address both components of this formula. Your staff may be hyped up by super-motivational trainers to reach the attitude, but never master the tangible skills related to their specific service area. Or, worse, employees will receive hours of expensive skill training, but not be motivated enough to apply it to their jobs.

At Communication Excellence Institute, we offer a unique approach to customer service training - a blend of dynamic group training sessions and our "In-The-Trenches" service evaluation and coaching. Our highly customized training will ensure that your staff learns the skills and develops the attitudes necessary to achieve your service standards — and your ultimate goal: CUSTOMER DELIGHT!

Customer service programs involve a combination of several interrelated components. A typical sequence of events, topics, and activities may take the following form:

  1. "Secret Shopping" to assess the organizations service level.

  2. A retreat with the organization's leadership team to:

    • Connect customer service enhancement with the strategic sense of the organization
    • Review and analyze existing customer service data
    • Develop a general Customer Service Philosophy supported by the leadership
    • Help drive a service-oriented culture change
    • Establish a reward system for reinforcing outstanding service  

  3. A full-day seminar with staff in a specific work area (for 10-12 participants) to:

    • Assess their current customer service levels
    • Understand customer service principles
    • Agree on specific customer service practices
    • Set customer service goals (team and personal)
    • Provide motivation for goal achievement
    • Practice role-play and optional videotaping of service scenarios

  4. "In-the-trenches" coaching to adapt and problem-solve with employees in the work area with real customers.

  5. "Secret Shopping" follow—up service to discreetly and respectfully monitor the progress of participants.

  6. "HOOPLA!" celebrations to reward excellence in customer service.

  7. A follow-up seminar with staff and managers to:

    • Review service philosophy and standards
    • Review customer service data since the training program began
    • Share examples of service challenges and successes
    • Reward outstanding service providers
    • Establish the next set of goals

Of course, your program is always customized to the unique character of your organization.

CEI's professional consultants bring many years of management experience in the corporate world, health professions, and higher education to improving customer service in today's organizations. Knowledgeable in both the public and private sectors, they apply their collective wisdom, grounded in practice and current theory, to the challenges of customer service excellence.

CEI also has a state-of-the-art computerized Customer Service Survey that can be administered at any time to find out what your customers really think about your level of service.

Is it time to bring a new spirit of customer service to your organization? Let CEI help you create a climate that will truly result in CUSTOMER DELIGHT!

For more information on CEI's Customer Service Training Program or to set up a free consultation, please call the Institute at (800) 410-4CEI (4234) or e-mail us at

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