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Customer Service Workshop
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When top leaders and employees dedicate themselves to creating a customer service culture in their organization, they usually start by asking themselves two questions:

"How do we come across to our customers?"
"How well do we handle difficult customers?"

They know that to enhance their organization's customer service, they must build their personal credibility and their "people skills."

At Communication Excellence Institute, we have developed a special full-day workshop to define internal and external customers, build positive customer service attitudes, and improve methods for creating a win-win with difficult customers.

In this fast-paced, informative, and entertaining workshop, we help participants to:

  • Count the high cost of poor customer service.
  • Identify their external and internal customers.
  • Build a vibrant spirit of customer service by catching "The FISH! Philosophy."
  • Learn how to conduct a Touch Point analysis of their customer service system.
  • Hone their powers of observation with customers.
  • Learn the standards for "CUSTOMER DELIGHT!" based on the latest research.
  • Answer repeated questions with freshness and sincerity.
  • Handle customers more effectively over the phone.
  • Use voice mail and e-mail to best advantage.
  • Know the "do" and "don't" words and phrases to use with customers.
  • Handle routine and hostile customer complaints with skill and ease.
  • Build your nonverbal credibility with your customers and colleagues.
  • Turn difficult customers into "raving fans!"

The workshop is based on solid research in communication theory and practice, and involves each participant in an interactive "hands-on" learning experience.

Organizations that have offered this workshop as part of their employee development programs comment that participants significantly reduced the intensity and frequency of customer dissatisfaction and improved their skill in dealing with all kinds of customers.

The fee for CEI's Customer Service Workshop is $3,950, plus the cost of any copyrighted instruments used, for up to 15 participants. Additional participants beyond 15 are $100 each.

For more information on this workshop and other CEI communication programs, please call the Institute at (800) 410-4CEI (4234) or e-mail us at

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