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Culture Transformation: Dealing with the Human Side of Change
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Organizations do not change people. For better or for worse, people change organizations. Dealing with the human side of change is a fundamental challenge for today's leaders.

The new culture of change sweeping the nation's institutions demands new skills, attitudes, concepts, and models. As savvy leaders recognize, even the most carefully laid plans for reorganization can be undermined by human beings who are frightened, angry, and confused. We cannot retreat from change, but we can view it as transformative and exciting in our lives and work.

At Communication Excellence Institute, we have developed highly successful customized programs for guiding organizations through culture transformation. We have worked with hospitals merging, companies downsizing and re-engineering, and universities embracing a new culture of quality and customer service. In all of these, we helped the people of the organization contribute productively to the change rather than resist the change because of fear.

All Culture Transformation projects are customized. They usually combine executive team-building, individualized training for leaders, workshops for managerial teams, and seminars specially designed for specific departments of your organization. As a result of this culture transformation process, people in your organization will:

  • Understand the human dynamics of change.
  • Recognize the critical role of good communication in culture transformation.
  • Develop strategies to turn negative responses into positive actions.
  • Understand the role of transformative leadership in changing your organization's culture.
  • Learn how to avoid leader burnout during times of rapid change.
  • Reprogram the ways you and your team think about leadership so that everyone working together can facilitate positive change.
  • Transform your organization into a learning organization.

CEI change facilitators bring to the culture transformation process many years of high-level leadership experience in the corporate world, health professions, and higher education. Knowledgeable in both the public and private sectors, they apply their knowledge of change, grounded in practice and current theory, to the challenges of organizations in transition.

As we assist you in managing the human dynamics of change, we will show you how to manage the flow of communication, tap the creativity of your staff, increase productivity throughout the organization, and build leadership effectiveness. Let the change experts at CEI guide you through the process of making change work positively for you and your organization.

Because Culture Transformation projects vary widely in scope and length, let us give you a good idea of the cost and time commitments you would need to make for a successful program. For more information or to set up a free consultation, please call CEI Headquarters in Southern California at (800) 410-4CEI (4234) or e-mail us at


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