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Board of Directors Retreat with 360° Feedback
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The complexities of leading a business or healthcare organization during this time of major organizational change require, now more than ever, a productive working partnership between the Board and the Chief Executive Officer. To a great extent, the quality of that relationship determines the leadership effectiveness of the CEO or President, the senior leadership team, and the Board.

To address the needs of both Boards and Chief Executives, CEI has designed a Board of Directors Retreat with 360° Feedback. In this fully customized two-day learning experience, bringing together Board members and the person they have entrusted with the vision and effectiveness of their organization, participants learn to:

  • Understand the discrete roles and responsibilities of the Board, CEO, and the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Create an atmosphere of mutual trust between the Board and the Corporate Officers.
  • Respect the diversity of individual style differences and make each person's strengths work for the benefit of the Board and the organization.
  • Create strategies for mutual support.
  • Enhance communication and accountability.
  • Identify barriers to Board effectiveness.
  • Respond to feedback from Board colleagues regarding each Board member's communication style, management practices, and behavioral characteristics, as outlined in each Board member's 360°
  • Feedback Report.
  • Plan strategic contributions of the Board, CEO, and the Senior Leadership Team to the overall good of the organization.

Other topics can also be explored, such as working effectively within collective bargaining structures, responding with clarity to crises, dealing with the media, defining the Board's role in Research and Development or organizational advancement, developing the leadership pool within the Board, and resolving conflicts within the Board or between the Board and the CEO. All Board of Directors Retreats with 360° Feedback are customized to meet each Board's specific needs.

The Retreat is presented on two successive days in a setting away from the organization.

One of the most powerful features of the Board of Directors Retreat is the 360° Feedback process. Each Board member receives a computer-generated, confidential, and detailed report summarizing the results of a 360° Feedback exercise administered about three weeks before the Retreat. The report includes some 50 characteristics of each Board member's (and the CEO's) management and communication styles as rated by all other Board members as well as by oneself. This report also includes an assessment of the Board's overall dynamics. These reports form the basis for examining the total effectiveness of the organization's leadership, all while maintaining the utmost confidentiality.

The fee for the Board of Directors Retreat with 360° Feedback is $10,900 plus expenses and the cost of any copyrighted instruments used. This reflects $3,950 per day for the two-day retreat for up to ten participants plus $3,000 for the 360° Feedback. (When included in the two-day retreat, CEI's 360° Feedback is reduced from its stand-alone price of $6,000 to $3,000.) Additional participants beyond ten are $500 each.

CEI's Board of Directors Retreat with 360° Feedback can also be offered in a one-day format for $3,950 and a two-day format without the 360° Feedback for $7,900 plus facilitators' expenses and the cost of any copyrighted instruments used. However, we strongly recommend incorporating the 360° Feedback within the two-day retreat for maximum effectiveness.

For more information about CEI's Board of Directors Retreat with 360° Feedback, please contact Communication Excellence Institute at (800) 410-4CEI (4234) or email us at

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