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Welcome to the second issue of our free E-Zine, "People Skills for Skilled People!"

In this, and following issues, we'll be addressing many challenging topics of communication that professionals face every working day. We'll explore techniques that can help make the way you communicate even more effective. We'll look at attitudes and ideas that can shape your impact on others for the better. And we'll look at the emotions that communication involves—both pleasant and sometimes not-so-pleasant.


We often find ourselves asking… 


What Is "Executive Presence”?
Vol.1, No. 2

Everybody wants it. But what is it, and how do we get it? In this issue, let's take a look at some of the building blocks of what we call "Executive Presence."


The poise, bearing, and style that characterize executive presence can't be quantified, but we all know it when we see it. The leader with executive presence exudes personal credibilitywalks differently, talks differently, and just seems to take charge and inspire in any situation.


Here are some of the hallmarks of leaders with executive presence:

  • They're "on" all the time. They're always "in the moment." Their energy starts high and stays high in all encounters and situations. They know that people are continually observing them and are making judgments about them, based on their behavior, so they establish their leadership through consistent patterns of productive behaviors.
  • They command and expand the space around themselves. Their enthusiasm and passion for what they do seem boundless.
  • They control their emotional reactions. They never over-react to problem people or crises. They do everything in their power to avoid taking criticism personally. They stay even-tempered, knowing that losing their temper can damage their reputation and effectiveness…permanently.
  • They speak with authority and definitiveness. They achieve this by using downward inflection (as opposed to "up-talk”) at the ends of major phrases, stressing key words, and speaking slightly louder and faster than others.
  • They employ high-impact body language. They've mastered eye contact, sit and stand “anchored,” and use open gestures 90% of the time.
  • They consistently clothe and groom themselves impeccably. They know what the “executive uniform”  in their organization looks like. They've mastered the art of dressing to match any occasion, not over or under.

But executive presence isn’t just a matter of appearance. Behind the leader’s impressive façade is true character. Effective executives always keep in mind the impact their actions have on others. They always strive to behave according to the highest values of integrity, ethics, respectful communication, dependability, and responsibility.


They model professional behavior. They “walk their talk.” They operate from a strong work ethic, keep people informed, follow up, and accept personal responsibility for all they do.


When you’re doing all this, you’ve got your “act together.” You have Executive Presence.

Yours in communication excellence!

Jan and Neal Larsen Palmer

Communication Excellence Institute

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